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Build a team of high performers!

Is your team needing more energy during their workday?


Is your team feeling a lack of motivation and experiencing procrastination?


Do you feel there is more in your team but you don’t know how to unlock their best self?

You want to support them change this…

Bring their best to their work and team

Build and apply high-performance routines daily

and being more fulfilled and driven in their life.

Provide this milestone to..

Transform lives

High performance is a holistic approach; it’s about living your best life in every aspect, from health to relationships to career. Bring this transformation into organization and be the ambassador and enabler for change.

Help increase their energy and productivity

Empower your team using energy-boosting techniques that keep them productive and motivated throughout their day. Introduce accountability in their team and enable better outcomes.

Introduce high performing routines

Let your team understand building daily power routines that set the stage for consistent high performance and a better life. Applicable for their personal and professional life.

Empower them on becoming their best version

Help your team gain insights into personal growth and self-improvement strategies that lead to their highest potential, boost their performance and elevate individual, team and organizational goals.

With this training your teams will thrive!




Where: Online or Onsite Training
When: Please request


Min. 3 and max. 15 participants per team.


We cover topics from psychology, personal development, nutrition, sports, arts and neuro-science.

After This 1-Day Experience Your Team Will..

  • Be equipped with High Performance Tools & Techniques
  • Learn how to establish High Performing Routines
  • Be introduced to hacks on how to boost their energy
  • Get to know how to elevate themselves and set high performance standards
  • Be challenged to change their belief system and shift their thinking to create better outcomes
  • Learn how to become the best version of themselves and for your organization
  • Join the High Performance community and stay updated on personal growth, transformation, and self-leadership topics on a regular basis

Access to High Performing Community

Your team will get access and engage with a group of like-minded peers that are passionate about personal development and growth. Monthly joint calls, exchange of ideas, rolling facilitation, exciting topics and many more.

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Group & Individual Coaching

If a team member is interested in deepening their transformational journey, you can book additional individual or group coaching sessions, that will provide them with valuable insight, more life hacks, in-depth topics and many practical applications. 

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Michael G.CEO

By far the best training I've ever attented. Highly recommend it. Received so many amazing insights.

Caroline B.COO

Roman - thank you! This was one of the most inspirational trainings. Roman gave amazing insights covering topics such as coaching, personal mastery, nutrition and psychology. I took so much out of it. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Alex B.Senior Consultant

Mind-blowing! Such an amazing training. Thank you very much Roman. I also highly recommend the group coaching sessions. So happy to be part of this community.

Frank T.Head of Operations

Amazing insights. Interactive, fun, lots of interesting infos. Thanks for providing such a holistic approach.

Lena M.HR Director

I have been struggling with energy management and lack of motivation for some time. After taking the training I was surprised what i didn't know about such important aspects of life such as food, movement and mental agility. I feel so much better. Thank you.

Freddy N.Freelancer

Thank you. This has been an amazing journey. Booked the training, then the coachings, that transformed my life. From Banker to Freelancer. From overweight to lean. From lack of motivation to mental agility. Super grateful dear Roman.


Roman Schilling

  • Roman is an international executive, transformational and systemic coach, helping C-suite leaders fulfilling their full potential and creating impactful change.
  • He has been training, consulting and coaching organization for 15 years. Coached and consulted over 100+ clients, gave over 1000+ trainings & workshops.
  • For him energy management is one of the most valuable assets in life and he started to building his own high performing routines applying holistic tools from self development, business, spirituality, psychology, nutritional science, sports and arts.
  • He is a Certified Food and Mental Coach. He holds an Executive MBA from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management in the US as well as a Master Degree in Communication Studies from the University of London and a degree in International Business from the European Business School London.
  • He wants to share his knowledge and insights with the world to create more impactful and sustainable change for human kind.


1-Day High Performance Training

Inhouse / Company Requests

in English or German

Times & Location tbd
Live-Online or Onsite Training

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Elevate your organization by elevating your people.

Build a team of high performers!

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