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Our approach

The power of change

New Work. Digital Transformation. Disruptive business models. The dynamic change in society and economy is changing market requirements and organizational processes: more complex systems, digital networking, growing international and cultural challenges within teams and organizations require adequate strategies. This is why change needs to be co-created. A new awareness of the new ways of working has to be co-designed and building new leaders and organizations has to be pivotal to create our future.

When the ways of working change

Internal and external changes are constantly having an impact on the ways we work. Organizations need to be able to deal with change faster and be more resilient than ever before. Digital transformation, demographic change and the transition of flexibility within organizational structures of the presents organizations with global and cultural challenges. People and organizations are profoundly challenged by the new dimensions of shifting work environments, i.e. space, time, processes and culture.

The demand of change and its utilization

Constant readiness, high competitive pressure and the task of driving and managing innovation and efficiency at the same pace means changing the ways of working. We need to challenge the status quo and look at how work is organized and rethink traditional structures. Working within as well as at organizational systems is becoming increasingly important for organizations and managers. Understanding change as a positive vehicle and harnessing change enables fast response times, higher employee satisfaction and retention and a sustainable and agile corporate culture.

Dealing with change

Change means adjustment, re-adjustment and re-orientation. To go through change processes together requires courage. In order to be able to deal with change in the best possible and most profitable way, it requires appropriate communication, transparency and a framework for self-direction. Accompanying and involving people requires trust and a co-creative process. As a sparring partner at a level playing field , change is experienced and shaped together.

Our understanding

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    Actively listen to organizations and people

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    Accompanying organizations and people speaking with each other

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    Call for action & act

    Helping organizations and people implementing change

Holistic view

Change Management & Systemic Organisational Consulting

Understanding contexts and systems of the organization in order to work and communicate better with each other. With a systemic, external view of the
organisation, visions are developed, change processes are initiated and accompanied and future is shaped.

Executive Coaching & Business Facilitation

As coach es we support managers, teams and employees in developing their potential and finding their best possible solutions. As facilitators, we accompany teams and organisations in a tailor-made approach and target-oriented, delivering team workshops, management meetings, future/vision workshops and large group events.

New Work Consulting & Training

We introduce and implement the new ways of working. Accompanying cultural change and tackling digital transformation. Experience the mindset of the new working world with agile methods, principles and values. With a holistic view of the organisation, New Work entails the dimensions of processes, technology, space and culture. New approaches to solutions through new work
are developed and trained in co-design and customised learning journeys.

Founders profile & advisory network

As organizational consultants, coaches and experts for change management, executive leadership development and new work, our central mission is to help, support and develop people and organizations in change projects. Through our many years of experience in various industries, we come from a practical background, working as consultants and entrepreneurs and know both sides of the organization. For us, the core of companies are the people who are giving the organization its individual DNA. One thing is indispensable for us: Only through trust, tailor-made communication and situational, dynamic interaction, true responsibility with comprehensiveness and impact can be created.


Steering organizations through transformation with a holistic approach.Initiate and accompany change processes in organizations with a systemic view.
Your expert to understand the new ways of working and use them effectively in organizations.Holistic consulting projects - and concepts. Keynotes. Vision workshops. Trainings.
Your sparring partner for development and transformation support for tomorrows leaders. Leadership development.Transformation Coaching. Mental Coaching. High-Performance Coaching. Agile Leadership Coaching.
Your business facilitator and companion in exciting times.Change processes and projects. Workshops. Management retreats & meetings. Team development. Learning journeys. Kick-Offs. Townhalls.